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Dead Rising

Willamette is a town located in Colorado that is the primary location for Dead Rising, with the mall as its more specific location.

The town is located in a valley surrounded by green hills and vegetation. The center and populated area of town can be accessed via bridge where several houses and farms lie on the town's border. The town is an average American settlement, with restaurants, businesses, homes and schools. Willamette's most popular attraction is the Willamette Parkview Mall with 79 stores.


A suburban town in Colorda, USA. Willamette was formerly a pleasant and laid-back place, with a population of 53,594 people and no unique or remarkable products to speak of.

After the citizens were turned into zombies, the town was tightly sealed off by the government.

Getting wind of this information, Frank hurried to the scene and ended up experiencing hell itself.

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