The Valkyrur were a race of warriors who came from somewhere north of Europa. Even though the Valkyrur as a race have long since disappeared, they are still worshiped by some religions, the largest of which is the Yggdist sect.


Though believed to be an oceanic tribe that crossed into Europa via the North Sea, much of their historical origin remains unproven by archeological fact. According to legend, they made peace between the Darcsens who were fighting each other with ragnite weaponry and destroying Europa. However, the truth is they were the invaders who with their advanced ragnite weaponry, subdue the Darcsen natives and conquered Europa.


A race said to have defended Europe from invaders long ago, and ruled the entire region. Possessed of superhuman combat abilities. Although now almost completely wiped out, their descendants do remain, of whom Riela is one. Her being tougher than a normal person, and healing more quickly, is due to her Valkyria blood.

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