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Original Appearance:

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra

Unit Type:

Pair (Project X Zone)


KOS-MOS (Project X Zone)

Voice Actor:

Mariko Suzuki

"I am T-elos, the embodiment of absolute order!"

T-elos is from the Xenosaga series, only appearing in the final episode proper. She is a battle android similar to KOS-MOS, but with a few differences. Unlike KOS-MOS, she has a more malevolent personality, demonstrated by the way she speaks. Like KOS-MOS, she wields an array of different weapons, but also utilizes complex battle tactics to deal with opposition. According to a statement KOS-MOS made in Xenosaga Episode III, T-elos's power output is approximately 4.75 times that of her own, making her a very formidable opponent. 


The T-elos Project, headed by Roth Mantel (an alias of Kevin Winnicot), was in progress during Episodes I & II. She officially appears in Episode III, where she promptly demonstrates her power against a dozen Gnosis during a military exhibition on 5th Jerusalem. It is eventually learned toward the end of the story that T-elos is actually constructed from the remains of Mary Magdalene's body, recovered from her grave in Renne-le-Chateau (which would make her more of a cyborg rather than an android). 

When she faces off with KOS-MOS, she completely overpowers her and destroys her with her heels. The second encounter proved more of a challenge due to KOS-MOS's upgraded frame as well as assistance from Shion and the rest of the party. As she attempts to fire the Phase Transfer Cannon, KOS-MOS blocks it with her hand and retaliates with her own power. T-elos was defeated and dissipates, allowing KOS-MOS to merge Mary's body and spirit.

She also appears as a boss character in Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier and eventually as a support character in its sequel, Endless Frontier EXCEED.

Crosspedia EntryEdit

The latest model battle android developed under the anti-Gnosis Project Zohar. Telos means "ultimate purpose" or "goal" in ancient Greek. Unlike KOS-MOS, she is capable of displaying emotions. She is high-handed and has a cruel side that simply enjoys causing destruction. Fixated on obtaining something that KOS-MOS possesses, she attacks her relentlessly, once even almost totally destroying her. Just as with KOS-MOS, T-elos's body conceals a secret.


She uses many weapons similar to KOS-MOS, including T-Skylla, Magdalene-16, and U-Teneritas. She first appears in Chapter 3: The Further Misadventures of Tron Bonne as an enemy boss. During Chapter 19: Thus Spake Eternity, she forms a unit with KOS-MOS and they join the party.

Stats (For comparison)Edit

50 13377 359 377 136 141

Attack ListEdit

Project X Zone Attack ListEdit

Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Cannon & Valkyrie C 6% Critical+
X-Buster & S-Sault A 3% Down
D-Tooth & Echidna B 7% None
Ice Crest & T-Skylla A 3% Stun
Strom Waltz C 9% None
Special: D & U-Teneritas S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Spell Blade (2-4 enemies) B 100% Cost


Support: X-Buster & T-Skylla C None Stun

Project X Zone Enemy Attack List Edit

Name Effect
Normal Attack (MAP) Down
Special: T-Skylla Stun
MA: U-Teneritas (2-4 targets) None

Project X Zone 2 Enemy Attack List Edit

Name Strength Effect
Attack B Down
Special: T-Skylla S Stun
MA: U-Teneritas (2-4 targets) S None

Skill ListEdit

Project X Zone Skill List Edit

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Boost 15% Self Speed x2 Fast combat footwork
Break Cure 10% Ally Heal all ailments Heals status ailments
Platinum Singer 25% Self Defense +15% Protective fashion that boosts defense
Heartbreaker 20% Self Nullify Enemy Block & Fixed enemy launch height Multi-Ability
Overtaker Auto Self XP rate increased 30% (50% Chance) T-elos Only

Project X Zone Enemy Skill Edit

Name Effect
Nullify aliment <Poison> Active: At all Times. Nullify aliment <Poison>

Project X Zone 2 Enemy Skill List Edit

Name Effect
Nultify Poison Cannot be poisoned (or removes the effect)
Nullify Back Attack Nulliflies the Back Attack effect

Themes Edit

Her theme is "The Battle of Your Soul" from Xenosaga Episode III.


List of Quotes - KOS-MOS & T-elos


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