Sparda (Model) DMC4SE

Dante dressed as Sparda's "Human" form in DMC4:Special Edition

Sparda (スパーダ Supāda?) is a mighty demon who is known as the "Legendary Dark Knight" (伝説の魔剣士 Densetsu no Makenshi?, lit. "Legendary Demon Swordsman"). Two thousand years ago, he "woke up to justice" and alone defeated Mundus and his legions. When sealing the netherworld, sensing his power had grown too strong, he intentionally sealed himself and his own demonic power in as well.[1] Later, he escaped his prison and quietly reigned the human world and continued to preserve harmony. Before his death, he resurfaced in the modern day and married Eva, who gave birth to his twin sons, Dante and Vergil.


Not too much is known about Sparda himself, but it's said that he shares similar traits to both Dante and Vergil (Rebellious and Levelheaded). Eva told Dante long ago that Sparda was always a noble fighter, as well as having a righteous and courageous heart.


A demon known as the Legendary Dark Knight, Dante's father. When demons attempted to break into the human world in the past, Sparda awoke to justice left the demon forces and started to fight to protect the human world.

After defeating the Dark Emperor Mundus and bringing peace, Sparda continued to stand as protector of the human world.

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