Soma Schicksal
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Original Appearance:

God Eater

Unit Type:



Alisa Ilinichina Amiella

Voice Actor:

Kazuya Nakai

"This is why I prefer working alone."
—Soma Schicksal

Soma Schicksal (ソーマ・シックザール Soma Schicksal?) is from the God Eater series. He uses a weapon called a God Arc, which is used to fight the monsers in his called Aragami in an apocalyptic version of Earth in the near future. His cold personality tends to have him distance himself from others. Despite that, he is a good leader when he is teamed with others.


Soma is a veteran God Eater, even at the age of 18. He was born with the bias factor, a genetic strain which allows God Eaters to use their weapons in combat. The son of Aisha Gauche and Fenrir Far East Branch Director Johannes.

During the past years as a God Eater, he earned the reputation of "Death Reaper", due to the fact that everyone who accompanied him on missions perished as a result. Over the course of several years, he was tracking down a mysterious Aragami thought to be the Nova's Devouring Apocalypse, the destruction of the world. It was later revealed to be a half human/aragami hybrid named Shio.

As Soma views himself as a monster, Shio sees some of the good inside of him. When they fought the director to stop his so-called "Ark Project", Shio decides to take Nova with her to the moon, which saves the Earth from being devoured. After devouring the former vessel of Nova, his God Arc then turns a pure white, showing the bond formed between them.

Crosspedia EntryEdit

One of the "God Eaters" who fight the Aragami. Stationed at the Fenrir Far East Branch, which is on the very front lines. Having been born with Aragami cells, he has exceptionally high physical prowess and suitability for using God Arc weapons. This leads to him returning alone from many missions, earning him a reputation for being a "death curse," and causing others to distance themselves from him. However, after meeting the Aragami girl Shio and others in the unit, he slowly begins to open up. He also fought and eventually stopped the "Ark Project," headed by his father and Branch Head, Johannes. The project was intended to save only a selected portion of humanity.


Soma first appears in Chapter 5: The God Eaters along with Alisa Ilinichina Amiella, his partner. Soma uses a Buster Blade type God Arc. Much like in his own game, Soma does not utilize any gun attacks with his God Arc and focuses solely on melee attacks. Alisa handles the bullet strikes for the duo. 

Stats (For comparison)Edit

50 12574 356 352 155 163

Attack ListEdit

Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Charge Crush & Chain Slash A 4% Stun
Jumping Slash & Sliding C 5% Critical+
Devour & Jumping Slash C 8% None
Chain Slash & Impulse Edge A 2% Critical+
Combo Devour & Hold Trap B 7% Down
Special: Over the Clouds S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Devour & Call Rain (2-4 enemies) C 100% Cost


Support: Chain Crush & Swift Strikes C None Poison

Skill ListEdit

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Healing Shots 30% Ally Heal HP 30% Alisa fires healing shots at an ally
Charge Crush 15% Self Attack Range +1 Soma extends the reach of his blade
Advanced Guard 25% Self Defense +15% Soma deploys a shield
Boost Shots 15% Ally First Critical Alisa fires enhancing shots at an ally
Mark of a Captain Auto (50% Chance) Self Support Attack +1 Soma Only

Themes Edit

His theme is Endless Voracity (or Endless Erosion in Project X Zone English version) from God Eater Burst.


List of Quotes - Soma Schicksal & Alisa Amiella


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