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Skeith is a major antagonist of the original .hack series and a protagonist of the .hack//G.U. series. He is the first Phase of the Cursed Wave and referred to as the "Terror of Death".


Skeith is the one of the harbinger of the Cursed Wave and the one who started the entire events of .hack.

Riding into battle from the Chosen Land beyond the Dividing Forest, he carries the Shadow of Death, which drowns all that stands.

Skeith's first initial appearance is actually the anime .hack//SIGN, where he was summoned by Morganna to Data Drain Sora, a rogue Player Killer, as punishment for his betrayal. He then followed Tsukasa and the awakened Aura to Net Slum, but before he could do anything to them, Helba deleted the area, allowing everyone to log out (except for Aura who escaped into The World).

In the first volume of .hack, Skeith made his debut chasing Aura in the dungeon of Δ Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field. It was there he first encountered Kite and his friend Orca, though he ignored them during the chase.

After Aura gave the Book of Twilight to Orca, Skeith reappeared. Orca tried to fight the mysterious foe, but to his surprise, none of his attacks work. In retaliation, Skeith mortally wounds Orca and then Data Drains him, placing him to a deep coma. Before he could attack Kite next, Helba appeared and drove him away.

Over the course of Infection, Skeith continued to chase Aura, attacking any players that got in his way.

Eventually he managed to catch up with Aura at the field Θ Chosen Hopeless Nothingness, where he found Kite with her. Skeith Data Drains Aura, segmenting her data into three parts and sending them to various places inside the system. Enraged, Kite challenged Skeith in a fierce fight that ends with the former victorious. Kite, possessing the powers from the bracelet, performed his own Data Drain on Skeith, which left him vulnerable for the final blow. However, despite Kite's victory, Skeith's death only resulted in the birth of Cubia, the malicious shadow of Kite's bracelet.

Skeith also appeared in .hack//G.U., but unlike the original, he is a protagonist and the avatar of Haseo, the game's main protagonist. In this series, his wand is replaced by a scythe, which fits his name as the "Terror of Death".

Crosspedia Entry Edit

Project X Zone 2 Edit

One of the eight Phases created by management program of The World, Morganna, in order to destroy Aura. This is the first Phase, "The Terror of Death", which has the ability to give PCs status ailments.

At Morganna's behest, he attacked Kite's friend, Orca, sending him into a coma in the real world.

The red wand Skeith carries is said to contain the minds he has stolen from PCs.


Skeith is one of the major antagonists of Project X Zone who makes his debut in Chapter 7: The .hackers.


Skeith's debut


Kite explains to Vashyron about Skeith.

Skeith is probably one of the more dangerous bosses as he possesses the power to travel from the virtual world to the real world. He also Data Drains Aura, segmenting her into four parts just as he did before in the .hack series.

Due to Skeith's ability, he attracts the attention of the villains, specifically Ciseaux who's very interested in his powers.

In Chapter 29: An Unbeatable Love, Skeith gains a new, even more powerful form and creates two clones of himself.

Enemy Attack List Edit

Name Strength Effect
Attack B Bind
Special: Data Drain S Stun
MA: Cross Swing (2-4 targets) S Poison

Enemy Auto Skill List Edit

Name Effect
Nultify Poison & Stun & Down Cannot be poisoned, stuned and downed (or removes the effect)
HP Absorb Heal HP by 10% of damage landed on foe



  • Skeith and the .hack// franchise are the only Bandai representatives for Bandai Namco in the Project X Zone series.

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