Shtrom Jr., Shtrom and Druk
Strom Jr, Strom & Druk

Original Appearance:

Captain Commando


Enemy Unit

Voice Actors:

Yoshiaki Hasegawa (Shtrom Jr.)
Hironori Kondou (Shtrom)
Yukitarou Namura (Druk)

Shtrom Jr., Shtrom and Druk are antagonists from the Captain Commando series. This team unit appears as individual enemy units in Project X Zone 2.

Crosspedia EntryEdit

Underling of the arch-criminal Scumocide. He appears as a fearsome beast with a large metal tank on his back.

When he's not firing his speargun, he attacks using high-speed spinning drop kicks.

Enemy Attack List Edit

Shtrom Jr.Edit

Name Strength Effect
Attack B Down


Name Strength Effect
Attack C Stun


Name Strength Effect
Attack B Down


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