Reaverbots (リーバード Rībādo?) are ancient, mysterious robots present in the ruins in the Mega Man Legends series. Most of them are usually marked with a round red eye and ridges that give them a skeletal look. Reaverbots come in many forms and sizes, and will almost always attack anyone who enters their ruins, although there are some peaceful Reaverbots such as the Mandomantal.

The Horokko is one of the most common and most familiar Reaverbots in the Mega Man Legends series. Other familiar Reaverbots that appeared in two or more games are the Gorubesshu, Mirumijee, Jakko, Miroc, Kuruguru, Arukoitan,Orudakoitan, Hanmuru Doll, and Nakel. The Sharukurusu is the only Reaverbot to appear in all four main games from the series. Large Reaverbots like the Hanmuru Doll and Jaiwanusually appear as bosses in ruins, and the final boss in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is a giant Reaverbot called the Colossus.

Mega Man can pick up and throw some small Reaverbots in Mega Man Legends 2, like Horokko, Jakko, Gorubesshu (when not defending), Kuruguru, Frongel, Tarble and Snowlbit.

Crosspedia  Edit

Reaverbot : Found inside ancient ruins. Mysterious creatures that look a lot like robots. As they attack anyone who enters the ancient ruins, they are thought to be guardians placed there by the now long dead inhabitants.

Horokko : A Reaver that protects ancient ruins from invaders. A low-rank, Whippet tank style Reaverbot that attacks by ramming into its target.

Red Horokko : A Reaverbot that protects ancient ruins from invaders, and an advanced form of the Horokko. It attacks by spitting fireballs.

Sharukurusu Green/Red : A Reaverbot that protects ancient ruins from invaders. A more powerful Reaverbot, some types even have stealth capabilities. Sneaks up in taget's blind spots and then attacks using long and deadly claws.

Gallery Edit

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