Project X Zone 2
Prologue 2 - O Brother, Thou Must Not Die


Imperial Theatre Entrance, Japan (Alternate Past)


Sakura Wars

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Prologue 1: Shinra

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Prologue 3: Dancers in Shadow

Synopsis Edit

Erica and Gemini explains to Ichiro and Sakura about the recent discovery of mysterious golden Chains. Suddenly, some monsters known as Kouma appears and one of them attack Ichiro after he defends Erica. He orders the Theater's Defensive Wall raised in order to keep them out.

Ichiro took a big hit from the attack and was in critical condition. Erica decided to wake her up with a kiss, but Sakura and Gemini rush over before things got ugly. After reviving Ichiro, he lowers the wall in order to begin the counterattack. After clearing the Kouma, Ichiro gets a bad feeling about the trip. He decides to leave the defense to the rest of the Flower Division to handle.

He will head for Paris with Erica while Sakura goes with Gemini to New York as discussed earlier to solve the mystery behind the gold chains as the Flower Division's representatives.

Strategy : The stage serves mostly as a Tutorial on Rescuing, Support Attacks, and Cross Hits.

Party Members Edit

Pair Unit Edit

  • Ichiro & Erica
  • Sakura & Gemini

Enemies Edit

  • Kouma Kagizume (4x)

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