Project X Zone 2
Prologue 1 - Shinra


Roppongi, Tokyo.


Project X Zone

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Prologue 2: O Brother, Thou Must Not Die

Prologue Edit

Shibuya, Tokyo.

A deserted place, designated a "closed city" due to frequent outbreaks of paranormal activity. Once it was the battleground between two forces...

Ouma and Shinra

Ouma sought to use "rifts", distortions in time and space, to create gates connecting to other worlds. Shinra, knowing the chaos that would result, spared no effort in stopping them. The two opposing groups waged ferocious battle throughout the deserted neighborhood of Shibuya... But at last, even that came to an end.

Through the efforts of multiple generations of agents, the secret government organization Shinra was able to halt the spread of the rifts.


An organization that battles against evil spirits, demons, monsters and all others threats from different worlds that seek to harm humanity. In the past, the group's existence was known to precious few, even as their struggle took them into dark corners of history and lands beyond our own. Years turn to centuries, and in this modern era, the name "Shinra" has become more widely known. 

And yet, people of society still do not believe.... That, beyond the worlds they know, there lie other, stranger worlds.

People of society still fail to notice.... That there are those quietly living IN this world who are not OF this world.

And people of society still have idea... What may happen when these worlds, worlds that have always remained separate.... cross.

Now, the calm of peace has been disrupted once more by the appearance of mysterious golden chains. None yet know that they know that they serve as a message..... A message sent from another world. The battle that has raged for eons is about to enter a new stage.

The present day, Roppongi, Tokyo.

In this city, home to Shinra headquarters, the rifts that lead to other dimensions and realms of spacetime have steadily been growing larger...

Ever since the day of a certain battle fought by agents of Shinra. Now, this city is about beat witness to the beginning of a brand-new story...

Sypnosis Edit

Area: Roppongi, Tokyo

The scene opens as Reiji is waiting for Xiaomu to arrive. Since the fox arrived late and didn't bother to read the mission briefings, he outlines the details to her. During their conversation, an unknown enemy, a anthropomorphic avian, appears near the stairs.

They advance closer to the Blue Hatter, who makes no attempt to move or attack. After a fight with several more of the same, Dr. Urashima arrives driving the latest piece of Shinra tech, the Dragonturtle Mk. I, and gives them a quick rundown of its capabilities. The Shinra members then depart for Shibuya to meet Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine of the BSAA.

Strategy: This prologue serves as a tutorial for the game's map and battle basics. Regardless of the actions the player takes, Reiji and Xiaomu will level up to 2. 

Party Members Edit

Pair Unit Edit

  • Reiji & Xiaomu

Enemies Edit

  • Blue Hatter

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