This small, central, Europan nation is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by House Randgriz, the hereditary sovereign of Gallia. The first ruling ancestor of the house, revered as the legendary hero of the ancient War of the Valkyrur, built a castle on the site of what is now the capital city Randgriz, establishing it as the seat of Gallian rule.

Despite its size of only 38,567 sq. km and a population of just over 4,300,000, it boasts a rich and unique culture. The official currency is the Ducat (DCT).

Internationally, Gallia is characterized by its policies of armed neutrality and universal conscription and is notable amongst smaller independent states for its success in declining to ally themselves to either of the warring superpowers that border it.

Crosspedia Edit

A small Europan nation that maintains armed neutrality. The name of the royal line, "Randgriz," is also the name of the capital. During the Second Europan War between Atlantic Federation and The Empire in order to secure the country's resources. Although they started out the defensive, in part thank to the actions of Kurt and the Nameless, the state of conflict is now swinging back in their favor.

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