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Phantom (Gespenst Haken)
Og saga 002

Original appearance:

Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier



The Phantom is an enemy unit from Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier.


The Phantom was created by the nation of Fromido Heim, one of the worlds of the Endless Frontier as a war machine. It was designed using data from the Gespenst Haken, a full-sized mecha built to be the personal machine of Haken Browning, though at the time he was far too young to pilot it.

After the end of the war, the Phantom disappeared and wandered around the Endless Frontier for ten years. As a race of monsters known as the Einst started to become active, sightings of the Phantom began to increase, drawing the attention of the adult Haken, who had become a bounty hunter. After a number of clashes, the Phantom was subdued by Haken, and reprogrammed to follow his commands based off the pilot designation of the original. Over the course of Haken's adventure, it would help him defeat two similar machines called Nacht and Abend, and would also program them to follow Haken as well.

Phantom also appears in Endless Frontier EXCEED, still fighting by Haken's side even when the Nact and Abend have been turned by members of the Shadow-Mirror army.

Project X Zone Edit

Phantom appears as an enemy unit in Project X Zone, with Haken and Kaguya Nanbu fighting against it. Considering its history, it's likely they are trying to find out why it has turned on them.

Eventually, Haken and Kaguya are able to bring the Phantom to heel, where it joins them in their MAP attack.

Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Moon DwellersEdit

After the events of the first game, Haken has the Phantom repaired. In an attempt to send Sanger Zonvolt back to him home dimension, Haken ends up there as well, where he finds a completed Gespenst Haken.


As a miniaturized combat mecha, the Phantom is a deadly opponent. It is armed with three plasma swords fitted onto the buckler on its left arm. On its back are a pair of gigantic folding blades that are thrown at the enemy, and a heavy energy cannon in the chest. It is also capable of the Jet Magnum and Gespenst Kick, two signature attacks of the Gespenst mecha line in the Super Robot Wars series.

In addition to its combat abilities, the Phantom has shown the ability to hack and reprogram computers, and is usually found in the company of various Defense Droids and Shadow-Mirror W-Series androids. In its first appearance, it had even reprogrammed Dural.

Attack ListEdit

  • Gespenst Kick (Special)
  • Grand Plasma Cutter (MA)


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