Oros Serpus
PXZ-Oros Serpus

Original appearance:

Project X Zone

Voice Actor:

Kenji Takahashi

"Hoh hoh hoh! By the name of our master!"
—Oros Serpus, Project X Zone

Profile Edit

Oros Serpus are one of the more common enemies from the "Oros Phlox" Organization.

In Prologue 1 : The Wanderers, 3 will show up after Mii and Kogoro start leaving the Koryuji Mansion.

Crosspedia Entry Edit

1st entry : A mysterious enemy that appeared at the Koryuji Estate and attacked Kogoro and Mii.

2nd entry : A soldier for the enemy organization "Oros Phlox" that comes from another dimension.

Stats Edit

(NG)~stat~ LV:1 HP:3357 ATK:109 DEF:100 TEC:100 SPD:87 MOVE:4

Attack: Poison

Drop- Green Herb x2 Panacea Pill x1

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