• If you think of this as work, then it's really nothing at all.
  • This isn't what I expected. But, it can't be helped.
  • Try not to make any wasteful movements.
  • You've got some strange tastes. I'm ready whenever.
  • The sooner we get started, the sooner this will be over.
  • Enough talk. Let's get this over with.
  • I'll make the first move. You can do whatever you want after that.
  • So this is who we're up against?
  • Fine. I could care less.
  • I don't want to waste any time here. Let's hit 'em hard and fast.

Special AttackEdit

  • Where are you looking at? I'm right here!
  • Yeaooooo!
  • Now, eat this!
  • This... will finish 'em!
  • This will be... our victory!

Support AttackEdit

  • Don't mind us, let's go!
  • Sneak in unexpectedly!
  • Let me do this.
  • Just as always, set them up.
  • Alisa, I got your back!
  • Alisa, don't hold back!


  • Ugh, that was messier than it should have been...
  • I guess there's no need to collect a core here, eh?
  • Anyone who steps up gets cut down.
  • Mission complete, I guess. We've still got a long road ahead of us.
  • Save the talking for later. Who do we fight next?
  • Don't get too excited yet. There's still plenty left to come.



  • Commencing mission! Are you ready?
  • Let's keep our movements in sync!
  • Save the chatter for after our work is done.
  • If you get in my way, I'll do whatever it takes to remove you!
  • I feel a little better after hearing that.
  • No, we must assess the situation.
  • Our first move should be removing any obstacles. Shall we begin?
  • I'm ready! How about you?
  • If we could only collect this one's core...
  • I am a God Eater after all!

Special AttackEdit

  • This is a God Eater!
  • If only I could devour them!
  • God Arc, Devouring Transformation!
  • Let's finish this quickly!

Support AttackEdit

  • Soma, I've got your back!
  • We can't let this chance pass!
  • Let's work together!
  • We will support you!
  • Follow through, Soma!
  • Let me take charge!

Multi AttackEdit

  • Let's end this!
  • Let's finish them all quickly!
  • I'll remove them all!
  • Let's end it with this!


  • Good. That went fairly easy.
  • Obstacles eliminated! Acquiring the next target!
  • I can definitely feel my skills improving.
  • It feels wrong not to salvage the core afterwards...
  • Let's save the talking and move on to the next target!
  • Mission complete. Good work, everyone!

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Soma: I'll head in first. You just be ready in case I need you.
    Alisa: Roger! Just like we always do!
  • Alisa: I'll follow your lead, so feel free to fight as you will, Soma.
    Soma: Don't worry about me. Just make sure you do your part.
  • Soma: I could handle this one on my own.
    Alisa: Don't try it! Not relying on your teammates is a bad habit.
  • Soma: Hey, make sure you cover me.
    Alisa: Understood. I'll let you handle the frontline.
  • Alisa: I think we might need to change our tactics for this enemy...
    Soma: We'll be fine as long as we stick to our usual game plan.


  • Soma: That gun of yours seems pretty handy...
    Alisa: You also have things no else but you can do.
  • Alisa: You've become much nicer recently, you know?
    Soma: ...Shut up. Let's keep moving.
  • Soma: So it's over. It doesn't feel like the job is finished if we don't collect the core...
    Alisa: Let's just be satisfied that we got an item.

Solo CharactersEdit



Alisa: Doesn’t it bother you that Alisa and I have the same name?

Soma: You just have to find a difference. One of you has a removable head, the other doesn’t.

Alisa: There are plenty of other ways to tell us apart!


Alisa: Soma, you don’t seem very happy that we won.

Alisa: That’s because he never shows his feelings. But I think that’s beginning to change lately.

Soma: Ugh. Just be quiet, Alisa…s.



Arthur: Lend me your God Arc. How do you throw it?

Soma: Don't bother trying. A God Arc can only be used by its appointed wielder.

Alisa: You aren't supposed to throw them either.



Bahn: You're a gloomy guy, Soma. Maybe I should pep you up?

Soma: Mind your own business. Stop talking and start fighting.

Alisa: If Kota were here he'd try to pep you up whether you wanted it or not.

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Batsu: Alright! Give it everything you've got Soma! Time to go all out!

Soma: Whatever. Just keep quiet so you don't distract me, Batsu.

Alisa: Hmm, if only you both shared a little bit of each other's personalities.



Soma: Our weapons have good reach. This should be over in no time.

Bruno: So we're talking big weapons, eh? I'm pretty handy with a frozen tuna myself.

Alisa: A tuna?! Are sure that's really a weapon?



Soma: What do you want, little princess. Quit staring at me.

Devilotte: That devouring mechanism... Maybe I can get the doctor to make me one.

Alisa: It's not something you can just go and make as simple as that.



Flynn: I'll follow your lead. I want you to fight without any distractions.

Alisa: I wish Soma was always this agreeable.

Soma: Hmph, well excuse me.



Heihachi: Aragami Oracle cells... Hmm, I see...

Alisa: U-Um, Heihachi? You're starting to scare me...

Soma: Aragami cells aren't what you think they are.



  • Alisa: Your weapon works as both a sword and a gun, too. It's kind of like our God Arcs.
    Imca: If Var had the ability to devour, it would be unstoppable.
    Soma: Unfortunately, it's not a customization you can just attach. Let's go.

Juri HanEdit


Juri: You can't fight in a skimpy outfit like that!

Alisa: Like you can talk! Right, Soma?

Soma: Keep it down, you two.



Lady: What's it like relying upon just one weapon to fight your enemies?

Alisa: My God Arc can be used as both a sword and a gun.

Soma: ...Mine is simply a sword.


Soma: It's over. It doesn't look like we'll get any cores here.

Lady: That devour function is pretty nice. How much did it cost to add on?

Alisa: It's not something you can just do.



Lindow: I'm still not used to seeing Soma take the lead. This'll be fun to see.

Alisa: Soma, now's your time to show what you can do. Hee hee.

Soma: Whatever. Just make sure you two don't fall behind.


Lindow: Somewhere along the way you’ve gotten good at working with others, Soma.

Alisa: That’s called communication skills, Lindow.

Soma: Making fun of me now? Pfeh, this is why I prefer working alone.



Neneko: The stripes on your hat are so stylish and cute, really!

Alisa: I like your hat too! Maybe we can trade later!

Soma: This isn't the time to be trading compliments.



Rikiya: Soma, you should not brood so much. You'll only attract negative energy to yourself.

Soma: I'm always like this. And I'm not brooding over anything.

Alisa: I think he's just trying to tell you to be a bit more pleasant.



  • Soma: Sänger. Is your weapon a God Arc?
    Alisa: It does change shape, after all.
    Sänger: No. The Type-X Colossal Blade is the sword of my soul.


  • Sänger: God Arcs... Swords that devour the gods.
    Soma: There's nothing cool about them. A weapon is a weapon.
    Alisa: I think Kota would like that description, though.



Saya: Dressing like that at such a young age... Kids sure do grow fast these days.

Alisa: What, is there something strange about my clothes? Soma?

Soma: Not really. I got used to it during my time in Anagura.



Tron: If I can just figure out the devouring mechanism, then maybe my servbots…

Soma: Hey Tron, what are you scheming?

Alisa: I get the chills just imagining it.



Ulala: I would now like to conduct a interview with the God Eaters.

Alisa: I-I'm so nervous. I don't know what to say...

Soma: I'll leave that up to you. I'm going on ahead.



Alisa: So you're the daughter of a goddess? That's pretty cool.

Valkyrie: As long as I am here in the mortal world, I am no different from the rest of you.

Soma: So our enemies and allies are both gods...



  • Vashyron: It's Alisa, the best companion at my date club!
    Alisa: ...Now that's just way to creepy.
    Soma: I can't stand guys like this. Let's get moving Alisa.


  • Alisa: Maybe I should get some clothes that are a bit easier to move around in…
    Vashyron: Being easy to move around in isn’t what matters! It’s whether you have needs or not!
    Soma: …Just what sort of needs are you talking about?
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