Kattelox Island, known as Katoru Ox Island (カトルオックス島 Katoru Okkusu Shima?, Katoru being possibly a katakana of Cattle) in Japan, is where 99% of Mega Man Legends takes place. The beginning of the game starts in an ancient tower in the middle of the ocean where Mega Man Volnutt must fight a one-armed Hanmuru Doll. After leaving the tower, MegaMan, Roll, Barrel and Data crash land in the island's Cardon Forest in their airship, the Flutter.

Profile Edit

Kattelox Island was found around 100 years before the events of the game, and at the time of its discovery, the surface of the island was almost completely covered with ruined buildings. Kattelox became well known after the discovery of high-quality Refractors about 60 years ago. After the discovery of the presence of Refractors, it was also found that the island was riddled with underground ruins. Due to the various unfortunate accidents which plagued early exploration attempts and the persistence of the rumors of a legendary curse or disaster, the majority of these ruins were sealed off from the general public. Thus, digging is permitted in only a limited number of ruins. As for the legendary disaster, it is believed by some that every century, an undefined presence that resides beneath the island awakes and destroys all life present on it.

Crosspedia Edit

A small island in the middle of the sea. The rich resources that can be excavated here have led to its development as a place where people work while tourism related to visiting the abundant nature of the region is also on the increase. A large number of ancient ruins exist underground on the island and Tron and her family seek the treasure that slumber inside them.

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