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Atsuko Tanaka

Hibana (緋花 Hibana?) is a kunoichi who made her debut in Sega's Nightshade (Kunoichi in Japan), as the first playable female ninja in the Shinobi series. A member of the Shinobi Agency, she hails from the Oboro Ninja Clan just as Hotsuma does.


A female ninja and member of the Shinobi Agency.

Although she is of the Oboro clan bloodline, being a girl meant she was unable to vie for the leadership of the clan. Instead, she was sent to be raised by the Mukuro Clan, a branch of the Oboro. She then encountered Jimushi from the Shinobi Agency who taught her the way of the ninja. Finally feeling a sense of acceptance, she grew close to Jimushi, but then one day he suddenly vanished.

Having been abandoned twice, once by the Oboro and again by Jimushi, Hibana has lost all interest in life. She now merely follows orders, generally with a surly and uncaring attitude. Her mantra is "Today's just not my day".

She fights using two swords. The larger one, Utsushiyo (現世;Transient World), is a prototype weapon created by analyzing the accursed Akujiki and then copying its powers. The smaller blades, Futaba (二羽 Two Wings), were given to her by Jimushi when she went out on her first mission for him. 


List of Quotes - Hibana

Theme Edit

Her theme is "Vengeful Beauty" from Nightshade.

Vengeful Beauty02:11

Vengeful Beauty

Vengeful Beauty (Nightshade)

Gameplay Edit

She attacks with her blades, kunai, and her shadows to deal damage to foes.

Solo Attack Edit

Name Strength Effect
Fatal Attraction A None

Skill List Edit

Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Mission Complete 70 Self Side Attack +50% Hibana is cold and merciless as she completes her assigned mission.
Shadow Attack 100 Self Attack +75% Hibana releases her gathered spirit to create a lethal twin.

Auto Skill List Edit

Name CP Cost Activation Rate Effect Description
Stealth Dash 0 After Action: XP 100 or less Mirage Cancel XP cost down 20% Hibana moves quickly, leaving afterimages as she keeps her moves coming.
Kick 500 After Action: SP 50% or less Halves Counterattack SP Cost Hibana's kicks with her lithe legs are powerful enough to even stop missiles.
Ninjutsu: Raijin 750 After Action: Fewer active allies than enemies Nullifies Poison, Stun, Down, and Bind Hibana launches lightning-like waves of static electricity to deflect attacks.
Tachi "Utsushio" 1250 After Action: 10 or more enemies defeated Collects SP Hibana's sword absorbs spiritual force from its surroundings.
Kodachi "Futaba" 1000 Start of Turn: 100% Combo XP recovered +30% A pair of short swords owned by Hibana, suited for quick flurries of attacks.

Gallery Edit

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