Original appearance:

Valkyria Chronicles 2




The Echidna is a Batomys-class tank and the second prototype of her class used by Calamity Raven. It seems to have a lot of standard calibre cannons mounted around it and a large double barreled turret on its main hull, It also has 4 very large rocket launchers. The tank is commanded by Lydia Agthe. The Echidna makes a cameo in the crossover 3DS game Project X Zone.


The Echidna was the second Batomys-class massive imperial tank prototype to be developed. It has more tank guns - and thus more firepower - than the Batomys. That added weight, however, reduces the Echidna's mobility somewhat. Lydia was in charge of the Echidna's test run, and demonstrated its terrifying destructive power in Mellvere. In October of 1935, Gusurg attempted to destroy Randgriz City by blowing up the Echidna, but his plans were foiled by Nameless.


A massive tank used by the special Imperial military unit "Calamity Raven." Characterized by having sacrificed mobility in order to carry a wider range of weapons. Driven by the Calamity Raven member 1st Lieutenant Lydia Agthe.

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