Original Appearance:

Namco x Capcom

Unit Type:


Voice Actor:

Toru Nara

Dokumezu is a member of Ouma. He first appeared in Namco x Capcom. His name is Japanese for "poison horse head" and he is based off of Horse-Face, one of the two guardians of Diyu (hell) in Chinese mythology. Dokumezu is Dokugozu's upper classman/mentor and is generally the calmer of the two when it comes to dealing with various situations. He addresses Saya with the utmost respect when speaking to her.    

Crosspedia Edit

A member of Ouma and one of Saya's henchmen, he is a monster with the head of a horse.

He is a little more relaxed and calm than Dokugozu. He addresses his boss as "Mistress Saya".

As his external appearance suggests, he is powerful and tough, attacking with swings of his poison staff "Dokurenkon" or by breathing out poison mist.


Enemy Attack List Edit

Name Strength Effect
Attack C Poison
Special: Dokurenkon S Poison
MA: Dokumezu Reppa (2-4 targets) S Poison

Enemy Auto Skill List Edit

Name Effect
Nultify Poison Cannot be poisoned (or removes the effect)


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