The Cyberworld (サイバーワールド Saibāwārudo?, used in the Mega Man Battle Network and Star Forceseries), or Cyberspace (サイバー空間 Saibā Kuukan?Mega Man X and Zero series), is an alternate dimension featured in the Mega Man franchise. As its name implies, it is a digital world created through the advanced technology of the series.

Characteristics Edit

The characteristics for the Cyberworld vary to almost nothing for both series, but rather their difference is based in the relevance it has for each series. It is a digital space created via Computers whose main purpose is to ease the life of people as well as for researching in laboratories, similar to the real-life Cyberspaces, however considering the timeline of the series it is to know that the Cyberworld is to be considered far more advanced and reliable, although not 100% safe, as it can also be attacked by bugs and viruses as any source of data. The major difference between the Cyberworld of the series and that of the real world is the ability to be able to literally travel to the Cyberworld, in other words to be able to be digitalized and become data to be in the Cyberworld itself. However this trait is mainly used when a network is attacked by dangerous viruses and/or bugs, thus digitalizing the most capable fighters to get rid of them as being deleted in the Cyberworld is by all means dangerous and can be fatal, thus hinting that only capable fighters are granted all their abilities as they are digitalized. It is also possible for data to be materialized in the real world, but this requires incredible power and intellect.

Crosspedia Edit

An electronic world that exists inside a computer, divided into a number of areas.

Based on the time it takes you to reach the exit of an area, you will be assigned rank S, A, or B. A B rank send you back to the start of that area.

The yellow circular entities known as "Miru Toraeru" that inhabit each area re programmed to eliminate intruders. In addition to these, cyberspace is also home to purple circular entities known as "Protectons" that generate electromagnetic field in their vicinity.

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