Original Appearance:

Sakura Taisen 3: Paris wa Moeteiru ka


Enemy Unit

Voice Actor:

Wataru Takagi

Ciseaux is an antagonist from the Sakura Wars series. He appears as an enemy unit in both Project X Zone titles.

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Project X ZoneEdit


One of a group of monsters who threatened the safety of Paris. Basically a large rabbit. At first glance, he might appear almost cute or endearing, but Ciseaux has a serious complex about his appearance. His primary interest is cutting up things weaker than himself with a large pair of scissors. In the past, he attacked the party and a dance contest in Paris, facing off with Ogami while riding in his Steam Beast, Prelude.


A Steam Beast ridden by the monster Ciseaux. Looks like a rabbit. The three boosters on the back and the leg jump-units provide it with exceptional mobility. For weapons, it is eqquiped with ear-scissors that can attack in any direction, gatling guns, and steel balls fired by high pressure pistons. The standard tactic it employs is to quickly close the distance with a target with a big jump before attacking at close range.

Project X Zone 2Edit

One of a group of monsters who threatened the safety of Paris. Basically a large rabbit.

At first glance, one might almost find him endearing. Ciseaux himself, however, is very sensitive about the cuteness of his appearance.

His primary hobby is cutting up things weaker than himself with a large pair of scissors.

In the past, he attacked a party and a dance contest in Paris, facing off against Ogami while riding in his Steam Beast, Prelude.


Ciseaux is a recurrent Boss Unit in Project X Zone, but in its sequel it has less relevance. He makes his debut in Chapter 6: Justice Among the Skyscrapers. In the past, he had been killed in the battle with the Paris Combat Revue at the Eiffel Tower, however, due to instability of boundary lines, he revives and appears in the post-apocalyptic Japan in 60 years from God Eater's world (a different time axis from the original world), in order to attack the heroes with his Steam Beast, Prelude, but is found by Gemini and Erica who help them defeat him and destroy the Prelude. After his defeat, he retreats towards the church and jumps in the stained glass's hole as an opportunity to escape from the heroes, but it is transported towards The World as seen at the end of Chapter 7: The .hackers, who is found by Due Flabellum who makes an alliance with him, which is confirmed in Chapter 9: Justice Over Evil.

Much later, he appears in Chapter 14: Eternal Rivals in Randgriz Castle who only seeks to defeat the heroes with his fixed Prelude, steam beast platoons, monsters from Terca Lumeris as the Adephagos and Feydooms, but is defeated and once again his Prelude is destroyed, so he confirmes his alliance with Oros Phlox and retreats from the castle. He then appears in Chapter 20: The Maverick Hunters, who is interested by Skeith's powers and tries to follow him, he reveals that Skeith escaped from The World dismantling his management system, in a few words, he split up Aura in four parts, after his explanation, he summons steam beasts and his Prelude and proceeds to attack the heroes. However, is defeated and his once again his Prelude is destroyed, so he curse once again his opponents and retreats from the cyberspace.

In Chapter 25: A Storm of Romance, he collaborates along with Oros Phlox in using the Fujisakura's spirit power as weapon to damage several worlds with a simple blast. After the explanation, he leaves to Schlafen Celeste to find Skeith, leaving everything in the hands of Aya-me, but their plan is aborted by Ichiro and Sakura when they released their energy to the heavens, calming the Fujisakura's spirit. In Chapter 26: Warriors Beyond Reality, he could find Skeith, but he was late, since Skeith went before his eyes, so he decides to go to the same teleporter he used to chase him. Recently, he appears in Chapter 27: The Dimensional Cliff in Geo-Fortress, when Ciseaux was looking for Skeith, he was transported to the Geo-Fortress along with his army of steam beasts, so he proceeds to attack the heroes. When Vile appears, after a short talk, he threatens to kill him when he finishes killing X, so he receives his threat and he will kill Vile when he kills the Imperial Assault Force, however, he is defeated once again and retreats from the fortress.

However, in Chapter 34: Is Burning Paris Again?, he appears in Paris along with Aya-me to attack the heroes, but this time, is defeated definitely, before die, admits that it was fun to fight the Paris Combat Revue once more and he swear that he will return again, when the spiritual force returns to Paris, after this, he explodes. In Final Chapter: The Winged Wanderers, a Prelude's clone is created by Fused Meden, along with other bosses units to attack the heroes.

Enemy Attack List Edit

Name Strength Effect
Attack B Down
Special: Gigantesque Ciseaux S Stun
MA: Rapid Jump (2-4 targets) S None

Enemy Auto Skill List Edit

Name Effect
Nultify Poison Cannot be poisoned (or removes the effect)


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