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Chapter 9 - Justice Over Evil


Imperial Theater, Japan (Alternate Past)


Sakura Wars

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Chapter 8: The Domain of Dreams

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Chapter 10: The King of Iron Fist


Due decides to head out to meet our heroes herself after chatting with Ciseaux and the Belanos Brothers.

Ginza, Front of Imperial Theatre

The heroes warp back to the real world, but Kite and BlackRose end up following them, and are surprised that they are still in their PC bodies. However, some of the group got seperated. Suddenly, Erica recognizes the building they warped next to: the Imperial Theatre, headquarters of the Imperial Assault Force. It seems they've been sent back in time to the 1920s, but there is trouble: monsters are attacking the barrier wall! Erica said they are Kouma, monsters that were wiped out long ago. The others are right behind enemy lines, and now they have to fight their way through.

Reiji detects a rift in space, and Due Flabellum finally makes her appearance to the wanderers. They now know that her orginazation, Oros Phlox, is behind the recent events. She claims she is born from that who seeks to merge all together. It seems that the boundaries between space and time were of her doing, but they don't have time to ponder it now. Erica explains that the barricade can only be lowered from the theatre's command room, so the only choice is to thin the enemy ranks.

As they continue fighting, the barricade suddenly lowers and two figures appear from the entrance. Ichiro Ogami and Sakura Shinguji of the Imperial Assault Force arrive on the scene, as well as another foe. Aya-me, an adversary that was defeated twice in the past. Though Ichiro is hesitant at first, his resolve returns and the commander readies for battle. After hearing the situation from Gemini and the others, Ichiro decides to join in the fight.

Due and Aya-me retreat for now, saying the battle has just begun. After sharing info with the commander, one thing was certainly clear: Oros Phlox is at the center of everything. Ichiro decides to help out by planning what to do next, though some of them have a few critiques on his job.

Trivia: In the Sakura Wars series, the chime that plays occurs when trust is built between the player and person he talks to.

The members of the Imperial Assault Force as well as the Combat Revues' HQs are theatres due to their cover as theatrical performers.

Party MembersEdit

Pair Unit Edit

Kogoro & Mii

Akira & Pai

Ryu & Ken

Gemini & Erica

Kite & BlackRose

Soma & Alisa

Zephyr & Leanne

Chun-Li & Morrigan

Frank & Hsien-Ko

Reiji & Xiaomu

Ichiro & Sakura

Solo Unit Edit




Tron & Servbots



Kouma Sandan x10

Kouma Kagizume x12

Oros Primus x3

Oros Serpus x3

Oros Avius x2

Due Flabellum (Boss) Equipment Drop: Heart Applique

Aya-me (Boss) Equipment Drop: Jean Paul

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