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Chapter 8 - The Domain of Dreams


Aqua City Mac Anu, Delta Server, The World



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Chapter 7: The .hackers

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Chapter 9: Justice Over Evil

Ryu and Ken find themselves in a place unknown to them after being spirited away in Roppongi. Suddenly, they see a girl jumping around. They call out to her and she introduces herself as Neneko. They ask for directions, and she tells them they are in The World. She's been trying to solve the problem of why they're here to begin with, but suddenly, Ryu senses a change in her. She then reintroduces herself as Neito, and explains their current situation. She claims it was the work of Feydooms, a collected presence of fear and hatefulness created by mankind. It seems they were defeated long ago, but now they are in this virtual world. No sooner did she speak when strange objects appear, the Feydooms. Neito suggests defeating them, and lets Neneko handle things from there. Neneko transforms into a new outfit and goes alongside Ryu and Ken to fight them off.

As soon as the fighting starts, the .hackers and the rest of the heroes arrive. Akira is relived to find Ryu and Ken, but Jin and Xiaoyu are still missing. After getting to know each other, more Feydooms and The World monsters appear. Aura won't arrive with the ruckus in town, so everyone decides to clean up the town before calling her.

As they are fighting, the Belanos Brothers show up. It seems they came for Mii, but the others assume they have other plans. So the quickest way to get answers is to beat it out of them.

After giving the brothers a beatdown, they make a hasty retreat. After regrouping and info sharing, they realize that everyone has a lot to accomplish. Suddenly, a voice calls out, and a floating figure appears. It is Aura, the AI that runs the core system of The World. She wonders what the "noise" is, but Neito appears and starts explaining the Feydoom situation to her.

Since The World is in an unstable state, Aura decides to log everyone out via an external server through the Chaos Gate. Currently, the one in Ginza is the most stable. After saying their goodbyes, Aura begins the transport.

Strategy: Defeating either brother will end the fight automatically. The EXP Trainer is useful in, well, training your fighters, so grab it from the left of your party's starting position.

Trivia: Neito can "Reverse Incarnate" herself within Neneko should the time allows.

Party MembersEdit

Pair Unit Edit

Kogoro & Mii

Akira & Pai

Chun-Li & Morrigan

Frank & Hsien-Ko

Reiji & Xiaomu

Gemini & Erica

Zephyr & Leanne

Soma & Alisa

Kite & BlackRose

Ryu & Ken

Solo Unit Edit


Tron & Servbots





Feydoom (orb, blue) x6

Feydoom (column, red) x6

Headhunter x5

Fiend Menhir x2

Oros Primus x4

Oros Serpus x4

Ein Belanos (Boss)

Drei Bleanos (Boss)


Adventurer Broadsword, Devil Star, EXP Trainer, Treat

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