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Chapter 6 - Justice Among the Skyscrapers


City of Mercy (Alternate Future)


God Eater

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Chapter 5: The God Eaters

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Area: Future, City of Mercy

Soma and Alisa manage to make it back to their own time. However, Vashyron is still a long way from home. And the posse of heroes were forced to follow them when the hole on the building sucked them up. With their way home gone, Soma decides to escort them back to Fenrir, the God Eater's frontline base. Before that, though, Soma decides to head to some church ruins along the way to find another of thier comrades, Lindow, who got seperated from them.

They find the area crawling with Aragami and Basel monsters. They head through the ruins when suddenly, a rabbit suddenly hops out of nowhere! This rabbit, Ciseaux, talks about a comeback and decides to slice up our heroes. Just then, two girls jump out of the ruined church. Apparently they know the bad bunny, and they decide to take him on. He calls his steam-beast "Prelude" and the ladies jump off the roof. They introduce themselves as Erica Fontaine of the Paris Combat Revue Flower Division and Gemini Sunrise of the New York Combat Revue Star Division. Just when they decide to get more info, Ciseaux hops into action as well as our heroes.

After getting information about him from the Combat Revue, they start their fight.

Once the Prelude is smashed, Ciseaux hops away into the ruined church and our heroes chase after him. Once inside, though, they lost him. He seemed to have hopped out the broken stained glass window, so our heroes ask more questions concerning the ladies and that mad hare.

It seemed the ladies came from the 1920's, a parallel past where all machines are steam powered. Erica explains that when she and Gemini stopped at a church to pray, there was a blinding light which transported them here. It seems Lindow must have gone through the same experience.

Erica decides to send a prayer to God, hoping for some answers. Suddenly, the whole church starts rumbling and another blinding light appears, sending our heroes to God knows where....

Trivia: The ruined church was the beginning of the chain of events which involved Lindow getting his Aragami Arm.

The City of Mercy is an actual area in God Eater, and the items scattered around also gave off the same shine.

Party MembersEdit

Pair Unit Edit

Kogoro & Mii

Akira & Pai

Frank & Hsien-Ko

Chun-Li & Morrigan

Reiji & Xiaomu

Soma & Alisa

Gemini & Erica

Solo Unit Edit


Tron & Servbots



Ogretail x3

Zygote x4

Blood Doll Flame x2

Cocoon Maiden x4

Blood Doll Chainsaw x3

Blanche x2

Steam Beast Prelude (Boss) Equipment Drop: Red Round Spectacles


Artisan Soul, Omnipotent Soda, Golden Brown Pizza, Treat

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