Project X Zone
Chapter 5 - The God Eaters


Shibuya, Japan


Project X Zone

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A mysterious woman talks with the Belanos Brothers about a certain girl among our heroes. It seems that they were the ones who stolen the Portalstone. They tell her that they are still in Shibuya, so she decides to greet them personally and also carry out an "experiment"...


After relaying their current information to Reiji and Xiaomu, they decide to head back to Roppongi to Shira HQ and put a plan together. Suddenly, a giant hole appears and 3 people emerge. Two of them, Soma and Alisa, God Eaters, somehow arrive from a ruined church. Vashyron, a Hunter, seems to be heading to a semianry when he got warped. After exchanging information about their own worlds, they decide to head back when Aragami, monsters from the God Eater's world, suddenly leap out! Soma and Alisa suggest taking the front lines while Vashyron guards the rear.

They begin to fight them when the wanderers head back and find the giant rift in the buildings. Kogoro wonders how Mii managed to detect it, and find the three soldiers under attack. They jump into the fray and begin the fight. While fighting more Aragami leap out, as well as monsters from Vashyron's homeworld of Basel.

Once the fights been taken care of, both sides are bit reluctant to accept their realities: in 60 years, the world will end, as well as the mechanical tower Basel. Reiji says that these are parallel futures, since the rifts are connecting different eras together. After saying their goodbyes, Soma, Alisa and Vashyron leap back into the hole.

When they decide to get going, Mii senses a growing power and everyone is suddenly sucked into the hole! The rift closes, and unknown to them, two figures watch from a distance. Saya and Due Flabellum, a member of the organization Oros Phlox. After chatting, it seems that she is at the center of it all.

Party MembersEdit

Pair Unit Edit

Kogoro & Mii

Akira & Pai

Frank & Hsien-Ko

Chun-Li & Morrigan

Reiji & Xiaomu

Soma & Alisa

Solo Unit Edit


Tron & Servbots



Ogretail x7

Fallen Ogretail x2

Dolled-Up Dwellest x2

Blood Doll Chainsaw x2

Treasure Mimic x1

Vajra (Boss) Equipment Drop: Upgrade Parts: CQC


Omnipotent Soda, Youthful Bandana