Project X Zone 2
Chapter 40 - Iron Fists of Fury


601 Building, Shibuya, Japan


Project X Zone

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Chapter 39: So Long, My Love

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Chapter 41: The 101 Embryo Plan

Synopsis Edit

The Shinra team arrives at the 601 building and see the vortex in the sky above along with more gold chains. But just then, they disappear on them. Saya comes out to greet them and opens another hole with some Byakuya Xs and out jumps a whole horde of Aragami!

While they go and head for the roof, something comes out of the building: Devils. It seems the interior leads to Makai, they decide to scale the walls but that too proved to be a problem. Xiaomu then makes a secret message to someone but right now, time runs short. They decide to clean up around the building until help arrives.

Just then, the sky grew dark and now the Unknown fighter appears on the roof. She finally speaks and says they need to leave here. Not only that but Durals appear....and one of them is the original! Miyuki then appears in the skies above, mostly because Xiaomu was the one who called her. After some "bargaining", Miyuki takes up half the group while the others take care of the enemies below.

Just then, Kurohagane appears along with ninjas and other monsters. He seems to be a copy of the original AIDA one, but Hibana decides to settle things with him now. Along with them, the Axel clone appears too. This one learned to talk, and it said that Shadaloo is destroyed and it wants to revive the Syndicate. Axel recognizes the voice as Mr. X, the head of The Syndicate and the one who built the Axel-droids and Robots. If his words are true, it would explain how Dural and the androids are no longer being controlled.

Reiji, Xiaomu, Jin, Kazuya, Akira, and Kage Maru are sucked into the ship and blown out onto the roof of the building. They are heading towards the climax and now things get serious. They are nearing the end, and's on!

Saya retreats after defeat, mentioning that she was buying time. She then disappears into the vortex above, and Reiji knows that the final battle is drawing near. After defeating Dural, she explodes after mentioning Kage Maru's name. They have much to do before they rest in peace themselves, so they continue fighting. The last Dural clone explodes in defeat. After saying farewell, Unknown explodes in defeat. After all the rooftop enemies are defeated, the fighters jump off the roof and down on the ground though Saya managed to escape.

After an annoying glitch, Kurohagane blows up. Hibana says he'll see him again in her time, but for just wasn't his day. After the defeat of the shortly reincarnated Mr. X in the final Robot Axel, Axel says that no matter how many times he will come back, he will stop him.

After clearing the area, the team from the station arrives and gives their report on their situation. The Dragonturtle appears and Urashima gives her report as well. They decide to do some shopping at Miyuki's to prepare for the final battle ahead....

Party Members Edit

Pair Units Edit

Dante & Vergil

Akira & Kage Maru

Jin & Kazuya

Yuri & Flynn

Ciel & Nana

Reiji & Xiaomu

Solo Units Edit







Enemies Edit

Saya (Gear: Black Bustier)

Byakuya X x2

Dreadpike x2

Fallen Zygote (F)

Fallen Zygote (B)


Fallen Ogretail


Fallen Gboro-Gboro

Golden Gboro-Gboro

Abaddon (Runs away 5 turns after appearing)


Fallen Kongou

God Arc Soldier

Rampaging God Arc Soldier

Marduk (Gear: Mars Mane. Final Marduk to die)

Hell Wrath x2

Hell Pride

Sin Scissors

Kyoukashinobi Kusa x2

Kyoukashinobi Ouzutsu x2

Kawarakitou x2

Robot x2

Kurohagane a (Destroyed for good after defeat)

Axel (Mr. X) (Gear: Blue Gloves. Destroyed for good after defeat)

V-Dural (Gear: Dural Impersonation Set. Destroyed for good after defeat)

Dural (Kage Maru's mother) (Gear: Stealth Body Suit. Destroyed for good after defeat)

Unknown (Gear: White Hairband. Dies when defeated)

Items Edit

Wide-Brimmed Traveler's Hat, Principles of Tekken, Wagacopter, Pow, Mintia's Sceptre

Trivia Edit

  • During Project X Zone, Alisa, Soma, and Vashyron were brought to the present day through a giant hole in the exact same spot where the Aragami jumps out.
  • Kage Maru tried to use some of Dural's parts to heal his mother, but it made her into Dural instead. He was waiting for the day to free her from her torment.

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