Project X Zone
Chapter 3 - The Further Misadventures of Tron Bonne


Willamette Shopping Mall, Colorado, United States


Dead Rising

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Somewhere in the future...

A woman, Tron Bonne, is getting flustered over some unexplained events: the net shuts down from an energy overload, a battleship that was supposedly destroyed came back, and now she's detecting an energy source on Kattelox Island. With her work on her rocket delayed, she orders her Servbots to investigate the source of the energy response. #28 finds the source in the fountain, and it grew stronger, which resulted in a blinding white flash.

Present Day...

After being teleported from the ship, Hsien-Ko rouses Frank but wonder what happened. Frank looks around with a serious look on his face: they were in Willamette, before the zombie outbreak began! Suddenly, the fountains flashes brightly, bringing with it, Tron, her Servbots, and some other unwanted guests. The Servbots recognize the creatures around them, Reaverbots and Gnosis!

After introductions are made along with the situation reports, one of the Servbots detect someone else: a woman, who seems to have brought the Gnosis into real space. Tron recognizes her as a combat android designed to fight Gnosis, the improved TP-XX model built after the KP-X android KOS-MOS.

The android introduces her self as T-elos. It seems she is searching for KOS-MOS, and just targeted them for hearing her mission. Not wanting to be terminated, the three fight back.

While fighting, Kogoro and co. enter the building, and immediately realize they are not in Roppongi anymore. Chun-Li and Morrigan immediately recognize the trio, and immediately join the fray.

After getting a photo of T-elos, she leaves through the door. Kogoro deduced that whatever happend to Ryu and the others just happened to them as well. They head through the Out door, hopefully back to Japan.

Trivia: The rocket Tron is building was to be prepared after the events of Megaman Legends 2, but the third game in the series got cancelled. The reason Frank thought that the Servbots looked similar is that their heads were used in Dead Rising.

Strategy: The Survival Book will be useful in building up low-level units, so grab it before finishing the level.

The "destroyed" battleship is actually the Woglinde from Xenosaga Ep. 1.

Party MembersEdit

Pair Unit Edit

Frank & Hsien-Ko

Kogoro & Mii

Akira & Pai

Chun-Li & Morrigan

Solo Unit Edit


Tron Bonne & Servbots


Goblin x5

Horokko x3

Red Horokko x2

T-elos (Boss) Equipment Drop: VB-Rain


Survival Book, Healing Serum, Devil Star