Project X Zone
Chapter 32 - Dead Rising Again


Willamette Shopping Mall, Colorado, United States


Dead Rising

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Chapter 31: Key to Another World

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Chapter 33: Die Even Harder

Everyone warps inside some kind of music store after realizing that the fountain was an Oros Phlox trap. Some of them realize that not everyone is here, though Lindow remebers that Soma, Alisa, and half the group disappeared first and that they were sent to different worlds. When the others arrive, Frank immediately recognizes the place; Willamette. He explains that he arrived here with Hsien-Ko from the Bermuda when he first arrived and Hsien-Ko explains that this mall is connected to Japan since they arrived in Shibuya went they went out the door. T-elos also explains that this place is connected to the future, as well as the demon world evidenced by the horde of zombies. They decide to do clean up the mall for the time being.

As they are clearing the zombies, their commander Raptor shows up. He reveals that he came from the Bermuda, where the others were transported. He came here to meet with someone while Riemsianne fights with the other group. With their next destination set, they decide to deal with Raptor immediately but he calls up some mutant reinforcements.

As they continue fighting, the Nemesis shows up with a horde of B.O.W.s. He's apparantly the "guest" Raptor mentioned earlier. Chris and Jill decide to settle it for good, and they're used to dealing with undead enemies by now.

After Raptor takes a beating, he retreats but says that his time's up for now. Nemesis eventually goes down, and if he ever comes back Chris says it'll be in hell.

With all the enemies gone, everyone begins figuring that the mall is connected to Shibuya, the demon world, the future, and the Bermuda. While trying to figure out how to get there, Mii suggests trying something. As she concentrates, the pool glows around them and they disappear in a flash of light.


Kogoro & Mii


Frank & Hsien-Ko


Zephyr & Leanne


Ryu & Ken


Ichiro & Sakura


Dante & Demitri


Haken & Kaguya


KOS-MOS & T-elos

Alisa B.

X & Zero


Chris & Jill



Zombie (Blue) x14

Zombie (Red) x14

Zombie (Purple) x10

Lord Raptor (Boss) Equipment Drop: Sports Book

Ebitan x8

Nemesis T-Type (Boss) Equipment Drop: Nemesis a

Hunter Alpha xà

Super Tyrant x3

Ooze x7

Hedrin x5


Treat, Mixed Juice, Omnipotent Soda

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