Project X Zone
Chapter 30 - City of Mercy


Akihabara, Japan


Project X Zone

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Chapter 29: An Unbeatable Love

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Chapter 31: Key to Another World

As the group arrives in Akihabara, they notice the Cross Gate is missing and the area is swarming with Aragami. They seem to have come from the gate that was just here, and Alisa B. detects something heading this way: a Vajra. While they need to head back to the Koryuji manor, they can't let the Aragami run free either so they decide to hunt the beasts down now.

As they eliminate the Aragami, 3 Durals appear along with a horde of Basel monsters. It seems that Seth has acquired more troops for S.I.N. Just then, Selvaria appears and reveals that she is now working with Seth and brings along B.O.W. troops with her as well. Jin worries that if S.I.N. is isn't dealt with soon, it could be a much bigger problem than what they're facing now. So the group decides to smash all the other monsters in their path along with the remaining Aragami.

After destroying one of the Durals, Akira states they can't afford to ignore S.I.N. much longer considering the all the Durals they made so far.

After destroying the Vajra, Soma warns the others to be on guard for any remaining Aragami. Lindow is impressed by Soma's growth as a leader and so is Alisa.

After being defeated once more, Selvaria reveals that she is fighting for way back to her own world. Kurt wonders why working with Seth will get her back home.

After a quick scan of the area, KOS-MOS detects no more enemies. S.I.N. probably came earlier to round up anything that came out of the Cross Gate and it seems Seth had a fruitful visit. The group then makes a move for the Koryuji manor. Meanwhile, Due and the Belanos Brothers were watching from above, deciding to see how much Mii's "power" has awakened...

Party MembersEdit

Kogoro & Mii


Chun-Li & Morrigan


Zephyr and Leanne


Akira & Pai


Frank & Hsien-Ko


Ryu & Ken


Chris & Jill


Reiji & Xiaomu


Soma & Alisa


Gemini & Erica


Dante & Demitri


Yuri & Estelle


Kite & BlackRose


Jin & Xiaoyu


Ichiro & Sakura


Haken & Kaguya


Kurt & Riela


Toma & Cyrille

Tron & Servbots

KOS-MOS & T-elos


X & Zero

Alisa B.


Vajra (Boss) Equipment Drop: Upgrade Parts: DEF

Kongou x4

Fallen Kongou x3

Fallen Ogretail x4

Fallen Cocoon Maiden (Spark) x4

Fallen Cocoon Maiden (Freeze) x4

Fallen Zygote (Black) x4

Fallen Zygote (Freeze) x3

V-Dural (Statue) x3 (Boss)

Selvaria Bles (Boss) Equipment Drop: Imperial Officer Crest

Hunter Alpha x6

Tyrant T-002 x2

Super Tyrant x2

Treasure Mimic x2

Golden Mimic x1

Blood Doll Chainsaw x5

Blood Doll Flame x5

Blood Doll Omega x6


Omnipotent Soda, Emperor's Soul, Devil Star

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