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Chapter 28 - The Realm of Overlords


Astaroth's Castle, Demon World


Ghosts 'n Goblins

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Astaroth detects intruders inside his castle and decides to head out, seeing a perfect opportunity.

The party arrives in the castle, and some are familiar with this place. Arthur explains that they are back in the Demon World, and in the Demon Lord Astaroth's castle no less. Skeith showed up here before, and BlackRose wonders what he was wandering around for. Just then, KOS-MOS detects Aura's presence and Kite sees her at the top of the stairs. She explains that Skeith isn't here and that Skeith obtained a certain power, causing something to happen in The World. She lost most of her power when Skeith split her into fragments and needs Kite's bracelet immediately. They head for her, knowing that Aura may vanish before long.

As the group on the lower level advances, Riemsianne shows up behind the doors. She wished to see the strength of Astaroth, and she never expected to have this kind of power. She also decides to try and take Toma's Shining Force after talking with Astaroth and Jedah and calls out her troops.

As soon as the others moved forward, Astaroth shows up behind the door along with...Astaroth?! Most of the heroes are surprised at the twin demon lords, and they are not pleased with having uninvited guests. He then calls out some unexpected help: Morolians. He reveals that Riemsianne's magic is the reason for their involvement in the fight. He calls out more of his men, and then the High Noble shows up. Jedah explains that he feels obligated from a previous incident, plus he does not want to feel bored. The heroes now realize they now have to deal with all 3 (4) demon overlords, but they have to push through if they want to save Aura.

Just when they were making progress, two Shielders appear on the balcony but the heroes keep pushing forward.

Riemsianne retreats when she realizes that Toma and Cyrille have grown stronger, and leaves for an unknown area. Kurt is disappointed when he couldn't get any info about Selvaria, but they keep pushing forward.

The first Astaroth leaves, but says he'll be back. Arthur wonders if he was the real Astaroth or if they both are. The second one retreats, saying the power in the demon world is growing. Arthur begins to wonder if someone is pulling the strings, or if he still has something up his sleeves.

Jedah makes his usual philosophical musings, then leaves. Dante thinks he came here for more than just helping the demon lords.

Kite and BlackRose manage to get to Aura's last fragment, but she explains that it will only get harder from here.

As soon as all the demons are vanquished, Aura explains that Skeith is no longer in the demon world. He is using his transport data to collect something and is back in The World. X says that they need to free cyberspace before getting to other matters. Aura then transports them to the current Mac Anu...

Strategy: To get Kite to Aura in 10 turns, equip him with a ZOC Nullify item like Roaming Charm beforehand. Kite should have the Ap Do skill at this point. If not, use Ichiro's Cpt. Com: Wind or Flynn's Marching Orders skills to move everyone forward. A lot of monsters will appear if one of the groups make it to a certain point on the map, so be ready.

Party MembersEdit

Akira & Pai


Ryu & Ken



Yuri & Estelle


KOS-MOS & T-elos

Alisa Bosconovitch

Toma & Cyrille



Chris & Jill



Chun-Li & Morrigan

Jin & Xiaoyu



Frank & Hsien-Ko

Kite & BlackRose


X & Zero

Ichiro & Sakura

Gemini & Erica



Dante & Demitri

Haken & Kaguya


Kurt & Riela


Zephyr & Leanne


Reiji & Xiaomu


Soma & Alisa


Kogoro & Mii

Tron & Servbots


Red Arremer x5

Red Arremer Ace x7

Red Arremer King x2

White Arremer x3

Sin Scissors x4

Bloody Mari x5

Marionette (Purple) x5

Hell Pride x2

Hell Wrath x2

Dark Stalker x6

Dark Serpent x2

Master Medusa x6

Succubus x6

Zombie (Purple) x6

Yellow Morolian x3

Blue Morolian x3

Purple Morolian x3

Shielder x2

Riemsianne La Vaes (Boss) Equipment Drop: Demonic Cape

Astaroth x2 (Boss)

Jedah Dohma (Boss) Equipment Drop: Blood Scythe


Gold Armor, Omnipotent Soda, Devil Star, Golden Brown Pizza

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