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Chapter 25 - A Storm of Romance


Fujisakura Altar, Fujisakura, Endless Frontier


Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier

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Chapter 24: Maidens of the Battlefield

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Chapter 26: Warriors Beyond Reality

At the Fujisakura, Kaguya senses that the spiritual force is growing. It seems to be accumulating in here, but it also seems that the petals aren't falling anymore. Aya-me and Ciseaux arrive on the scene.

Aya-me plans on using the tree to launch blasts of energy across different worlds. She then summons more Kouma, while Ciseaux departs to perform some other task. Before chasing after him, the heroes decide to deal with Aya-me first.

As the heroes fight their way through, the Belanos Brothers appear. It seems they have something to do with the tree's abnormal spirit energy. Just then, Saya drops down into the tree. Kaguya explains that if things keep going as is, the tree will wither and die. Saya then finally explains the purpose of the Byakuya X: it fills dimensional holes with a specific directionality. It can enter any open hole and be transported to another world; some things can even be transferred from that world like the current spiritual energy.

Since she's done with completing her new unit, she decides to break up with Oros Phlox. It seems Ouma was trying to gain control of the rifts, making Mii wonder what Oros Phlox's role is in all this. Just then, an earthquake occurs and Kaguya can barely maintain the power of the tree.

Just then, Ichiro comes up with a plan: send all of the pent up force up to the heavens. With Sakura's help, all of the tree's spiritual power is released.

Ichiro breaths a sigh of relief, and tells Kaguya to rest easy. The brothers aren't too happy with them, so they decide to fight. Saya then joins the heroes' side, having already ditched the brothers. After enough of a beatdown, Ein and Drei retreat. Aya-me leaves after fighting a few rounds as well.

Everyone agrees to let Saya join, and Xiaomu volunteers to keep an eye on her. They then decide to go after Ciseaux, and deduce that they are headed for the battleship. Kaguya chooses to close off the Fujisakura for a while.

Just then, a certain "spider" arrives late to the party. She then decides to head for battleship as well.

Party MembersEdit

Kogoro & Mii

Frank & Hsien-Ko

Reiji & Xiaomu



Soma & Alisa


Gemini & Erica


Zephyr & Leanne


Ichiro & Sakura


Haken & Kaguya


Kurt & Riela


Jin & Xiaoyu




Aya-me (Boss) Equipment Drop: Imperial Theater Watch

Hysteric Purple x2

Gentleman x2

Gattuso x2

Outbreaker x2

Blackflame Dragon x2

Book of the Dead x2

Book of Judgement x2

Kouma Ekisha x3

Kouma Kagizume x3

Kouma Sandan x3

Oros Primus x2

Oros Zilva x1

Oros Serpus x2

Oros Golt x1

Byakuya X x1

Ein Belanos (Boss) Equipment Drop: Spiky Shin Guards

Drei Belanos (Boss) Equipment Drop: Dokio Armor


Devil Star, Treat, Hausen Armor, Golden Brown Pizza

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