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Chapter 22 - God, Man, and Demon


God-Eating Fools Carrier (The World)


God Eater

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Chapter 21: The House of the Dead

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Chapter 23: Ulala's Swingin' Report Show

Area: The World, God-Eating Fool's Carrier

The second group arrive and find themselves in the God Eater's world, or rather, a copy of it. They find several enemies from different worlds along with the Aragami, including the Bermuda tribe and Wild Boars from Toma's world. They spot Aura at the other end of the carrier.

KOS-MOS suggests placing Aura's data in her internal storage for later. With the plan set, they head forward...until Riemsianne shows up. With the area now flooded with unstable data, Aura can't keep herself here for long. So the dash for Aura begins.

As they break their way through, Alisa detects somthing coming out of the rubble. Turns out it was Bruno, the detective from the Bermuda. Turns out he was being chased by the Aragami, when suddenly, Vajra jumps out from the bridge along with a pack of other Aragami. He fired his gun at one of them, and more came out, and as he started running a stone he kicked hit the Vajra and got it's attention too. (Talk about bad luck).

Just then, Aya-Me shows up with a horde of Kouma. It looks like Cisseaux taught her how to enter the area. Now more than ever, they needed to push through the assault and get to Aura.

KOS-MOS arrives in time, and Aura's segment is safely stored. With that, all that remains is taking care of the remaining enemies.

With Vajra defeated, the God Eaters can't tell what's real or not any longer. Aya-Me then leaves after a few rounds, promising to return again later. Riemsianne leaves also, heading for another unknown destination.

Once the area is cleared, everyone heads to Mac Anu. While Bruno and Lindow share a smoke, Soma stares off into the distance before heading back with the others.

Strategy: Getting to Aura is top priority like the last chapter, so KOS-MOS will need to keep moving ahead of the pack. Put Imca as the solo unit for the androids, as she can use her Anti-Armor skill can deal with enemy barriers while her Countryside Power can increase their range. Be sure to have some of the units back them up just in case.


The area they are in is actually one of the fields from God Eater called Forgotten Carrier. In the GE database, it describes the place as a moving base for thieves taking advantage of the chaos before being overwhelmed by Aragami and crashing into a nearby coastline.

Party MembersEdit

Kogoro & Mii

Soma & Alisa


Chun-Li & Morrigan

Alisa Bosconovitch

Ryu & Ken


Ichiro & Sakura

Toma & Cyrille


KOS-MOS & T-elos


Bruno Delinger


Boar x5

Boar (Large) x3

Old Bermuda Gang x5

High Bermuda Gang x2

Cocoon Maiden x3

Ogretail x2

Riemsianne (Boss)

Fallen Ogretail x3

Kongou x2

Fallen Cocoon Maiden (Spark) x3

Zygote x2

Fallen Zygote (Blaze) x2

Vajra (Boss) Equipment Drop: Upgrade Parts: GALE

Kouma Sandan x4

Kouma Kagizume x3

Kouma Ekisha x2

Aya-Me (Boss) Equipment Drop: Black Mask


Devil Star, Omnipotent Soda, Mixed Juice, Treat, Golden Brown Pizza

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