Project X Zone
Chapter 17 - Operation Crackdown


Gain Ground


Gain Ground (Alternate Future)

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Chapter 16: Detestable Golden Sunny Demon

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Chapter 18: Light and Darkness

Area: Future, Gain Ground

The party thinks they're in an alternate demon world, what with the statues with spinning heads. Tron thinks otherwise, as she explains that they are back in Gain Ground. It feels as though they are warping in circles, but Demitri still feels a demonic presence. Kogoro then spots someone in the distance: Imca, another member of the Nameless squad. Kurt and Riela are relieved that she is alright, what with her being by herself. All she remembers is a bright flash, and everything else is a blank (sound familiar?) She is also unable to move, due to Gain Ground's effects. Though she has her doubts about the others, she does her best to be patient.

Just then, more characters appear: Raptor, Alisa B., and the book twins Necron and Omicon. It seems Alisa's gone haywire, due to S.I.N.'s meddling. It seems that Raptor is getting an army together, but that's not all: the whole place is a dead end! Demitri explains that there are ways to seal off certain spaces in the demon world. If the seal closes too tight, the entire space collapses upon itself thus creating a Dimensional Vortex. A large horde of monsters appear to try and stall them.

Kurt manages to come up with a plan: blow up the statues with explosives. The strategy details are simple: destroy the statues while eliminating any resistance. With that, the commander commences Operation: Crackdown!

They also need to rescue Imca while forging ahead. With only precious time remaining the heroes immediately head for the statues.

Just as they begin their trek, demons show up including their leader: the demon king Astaroth. Arthur stood firm, claiming if he resurrects himself a million times, he'll beat him a million times! It seems he is the one who infused the statues with magic. It could their chance to beat him, but the statues come first (with 3/10 odds...). With that they push through.

They push through the enemy ranks and destroy the statues one by one. As soon as they blow the last one, Astaroth retreats. Arthur was a bit concerned that the demon king was in a confident mood when he left: why does he think they'll die even after they destroy all the statues?

With all the statues destroyed, the energy started to flow to the central statue. The demonic force should disappear once it's destroyed. Since it's bigger than the others, Kurt thinks it'll require more explosives. Arthur sees something at the statue's base: Alisa's head. She explains that she's using an old backup program since her main program storage was in her body. Being the chivalrous knight, Arthur goes to pick her head up when the magic force suddenly skyrockets to high levels! Everyone is frozen in place, but Alisa could blow up the statue with the bomb inside her. There was no time for delays, but Arthur is in the blast radius. After giving a farewell speech, Alisa sets off the Spam Bomb at maximum output....

Strategy: With only 15 turns to complete the mission, use Ichiro's "Cpt. Command: Wind" or Flynn's "Marching Orders" skills to increase movement. In order to blow up the statues, make sure your units are right next to the statue's base then end that unit's turn. Note that it is possible to get all the items in the stage while completing the mission.

Party MembersEdit

Kogoro & Mii

Akira & Pai


Kite & BlackRose


Reiji & Xiaomu


Jin & Xiaoyu


Haken & Kaguya


Ryu & Ken


Zephyr & Leanne


Dante & Demitri


Gemini & Erica


Ichiro & Sakura

Frank & Hsien-Ko

Tron & Servbots

Soma & Alisa


Yuri & Estelle



Kurt & Riela



Defense Droid Alpha x2

Ogretail x2

Emerald Dragoon x2

Ebitan x3

Fallen Ogretail x2

Zygote x2

Old Bermuda Gang x6

Red Arremer x6

Zombie (Blue) x2

Zombie (Purple) x10

Cocoon Maiden x2

Book of the Dead x2

Book of Judgement

Alisa Bosconovitch (Boss) Equipment Drop: Double Chainsaws

Necron (Boss)

Omicon (Boss)

Lord Raptor (Boss) Equipment Drop: Sharp Rib

Zombie (Red) x4

White Arremer x3

Red Arremer Ace x4

Shielder x2

Astaroth (Boss) Equipment Drop: Discus


Special Gel, Mixed Juice, Healing Serum, Omnipotent Soda, Darcsen Cloth Ribbon, Refined Ragnite, Zaemon's Armor

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