Project X Zone 2
Chapter 11 - Boulevards of Belligerence


Main Hall, Queen Zenobia


Resident Evil

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Chapter 10: Code Holder

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Chapter 12: One Big Questionably Happy Family

Synopsis Edit

The other party arrives in the Main Hall, but they have no time to admire the decor. Just then, they notice some odd devices around the area. While they have the others try and analyze them, KOS-MOS detects enemies: B.O.W.s.

They also see someone Chun-Li knows. It was Axel Stone, an undercover police officer who was trailing Shadoloo. But something about him. Just then, a second Axel appears. After getting the situation from them, he explains the Axel they saw is an android clone of him and the devices around them are Raxine Bombs that were used by The Syndicate and have fallen into Shadaloo hands. Just then, Syndicate robots appear and the fake cop activates the bombs. Axel says they only have 10 minutes until they go off, and a single one would be devastating enough. Axel shows how to disarm the bombs by destroying it, and everyone sets out to disarm every Raxine bomb!

After dismantling half the bombs, more undead appear...including one Jill has faced before: Nemesis! He shows up with many B.O.W.s including Tyrants. After that, B.B. Hood appears and is still after Wright's spiky head. They now have to disarm the bombs while dealing with reinforcements.

After a beating, Hood makes a quick retreat. After destroying the android, Axel isn't really happy about them looking like him and won't stop until The Syndicate is down for good. Nemesis makes a retreat and they may need to blow up the long as they're not on it.

After clearing the bombs, all that was left was dealing with the rest of the enemies.

After disarming the bombs, KOS-MOS notices a change in the atmosphere as the gold chains are gone and the ship has resumed its maiden voyage. The other team arrives and gives them an update on what happened on their end.

At the Bridge, Urashima can't seem to control the ship, but it's not drifting aimlessly. The engine's power is dead, but it seems to be pulled along by something. Communication is no good, as the signal is pretty much zero. Who knows where they'll end up? Stay tuned!

Party Members Edit

Pair Units Edit

  • Chris & Jill
  • Kite & Haseo
  • Chun-Li & Xiaoyu
  • Jin & Kazuya
  • KOS-MOS & Fiora
  • X & Zero

Solo Units Edit

  • Heihachi
  • Aty
  • Ulala
  • Phoenix & Maya
  • Axel

Enemies Edit

  • Ooze (x3)
  • Tricorne (x3)
  • Robot (x4)
  • (Robot) Axel (Gear: Blue Gloves)
  • Pincer (x4)
  • Tyrant T-002 (x2)
  • Nemesis-T Type (Gear: Nemesis's Coat)
  • B.B. Hood (Gear: Apple Bomb)

Items Edit

  • Spy Jacket
  • Spy Slacks

Trivia Edit

  • The Syndicate are the main enemies of the Streets of Rage series. During the events of 2 & 3, they made Robot Axel to frame him for committing crimes.
  • The title is a rehash of "Streets of Rage"

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