Byakuya X

Original Appearance:

Project X Zone



Voice Actor:

Yūko Mizutani

Byakuya X (百夜・改, pronounced as "Byakuya Kai") is a Boss type enemy that appears in Project X Zone, it is an upgraded version of Ouma's "Byakuya Project" or "The Hundred Night Plan", which first appeared in "Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed".


Both units are also based of Kyuju Kyu/99, including similar devastating attacks and with a living core (Katana/Akatana), albeit weaker due to not having Kyuju Kyu's world fusing ability. Despite the lacking fusing ability, both have power that involves manipulating dimensional holes in some sort of matter.

Byakuya was capable of ripping dimensional holes, allowing it and many others (or objects) to go from one location to the next in an instant. It was previously summoned by a group called "Agrad Heim", in order to increase their war power, along with Saya to help operate them.

When first encountered in Endless Frontier Exceed, Aschen Brodel analyzes the energy signature as it transfers to another location, and remarks that it is very similar to the Cross Gates of the Endless Frontier. Near the end of Exceed, every last Byakuya is destroyed and after the end of said adventure, Saya teases Reiji about the "101 Embryo Plan".

Fast forward to Project X Zone, Ouma is already at work with their new upgrade to Byakuya, "Byakuya X". Unlike its predecessor, it fills dimensional holes with a specific directionality, allowing it, others, and even energy, to go to wherever the inputted directions lead.

Like Agrad Heim, Oros Phlox eventually hijacks Byakuya X, but Saya merely needed the latter organization to complete Byakuya X, which she eventually puts them to full use in Project X Zone 2.


An improvement to the giant weapon Byakuya, meaning one hundred nights, which was created to execute Ouma's Bykuya Project.

The Byakuya has the ability to bore through dimensions and create entryways to other worlds, but the Byakuya X has different abilities.

An Akatana is embedded as the living core of the unit. It can launch lightning from its head or envelop its surroundings in blazing fire.

Gallery Edit

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